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Grand-Pere Reserve Red


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Vintage:        2013 (current release)

The Vineyards Of all the vines at Rosnay, Shiraz is predominant with 8 out of the total 20 hectares. Rosnay Shiraz is grown as three clones to give complexity and diversity to help with seasonal variations. The vineyards are towards the top of the property on a combination of shallow sandy decomposed granite and floating stone, where the vines struggle, and of richer topsoil over well drained red volcanic clay, where vigour needs to be controlled. The best fruit could come from either site, depending on the season. By contrast, the Mourvedre is the smallest variety grown at Rosnay, with only half a hectare, but with plans for expansion. An old southern french variety, it was chosen as an alternative variety in 2002, and has proven to perform well during drought and flood alike. The main challenge is to restrict yield by hard pruning or "green harvest" to thin the bunches. Well ripened it gives a rich gamey and earthy character to Shiraz, or picked greener it creates a lovely Rose. 2013 Vintage Data Blend: Shiraz 75% Mourvedre 25% Alcohol: 14% Sulphur dioxide: Minimal Animal proteins: Not added


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