Freedom Grenache-Shiraz-Mourvedre

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This Grenache-Shiraz-Mourvedre (“GSM”) is inspired by the light-to-medium bodied reds of the south of France. This classic blend combines the bold, clean “strawberries and cream” of early-picked Grenache with the bold pepper and spice of ripe Shiraz and the earthy depth and soft tannin of Mourvedre. Vibrant crimson in colour, with a sweet nose and flavours of cherry and dark plum with rounded tannins to follow.

The wine was fermented on skins for 6-8 days at 22 degrees C using traditional open top fermenters, hand punch-down and pump-over, and a yeast strain guaranteed not to produce sulfites. After malolactic fermentation the wine was matured briefly in oak barrels and steel tanks prior to hand-bottling without fining, and with a light filtration.

Vintage: 2021
Sulfites: Zero
Alcohol: 12.2%
Vintage: 2021
Production: 450 doz
Bottled: June 2021
Blend: Grenache 35%, Shiraz 35%, Mourvedre, 30%
Sulfites: Zero
Yeast: sulfite-free commercial
Maturation: Matured in old barrel and tank
Fining: No
Filtration: Light
Label art: Florence Statham
Winemaker: Sam Statham

3 reviews for Freedom Grenache-Shiraz-Mourvedre

  1. Anna Koorey

    Always great

  2. Natasha

  3. Annette

    Very easy drinking wine.

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