Organic Agriculture

Rosnay is an organic farm that was planned and created by the Statham family in 1995-1997, and which is now a part of Rivers Road Organic Farms, a unique model of cooperative organic farming using Community Title.
Rosnay is certified by Organic Food Chain, which is a small, grassroots and farmer-owned certification company based in Toowoomba, QLD.

We farm organically because it is possible. We are convinced that chemicals should not be used to produce food. We are not convinced that simply fermenting grapes magically removes chemical residues. In fact, we beleive that fermentation and digestion are metabolic processes that can alter the toxicity of chemicals, in ways which are poorly understood.

Rosnay was recognised as a pioneer in organic farming in 2012, when Sam Statham was awarded the Inaugural NSW Organic Pioneers Award.

We eat organic as much as we can. We grow a lot of our own food and buy organic or at least local from farmers we know. Over the years we have written many posts about our approach to organic farming and living in our blog and on these pages:

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