Freedom Chardonnay

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Classic Cowra Chardonnay, from vines we planted in September 1997, and which have been grown organically and biodynamically since Day One.

In 2023, the grapes were night harvested and gently pressed, cold settled, racked, and fermented cool (15-17degrees C) using wild yeast in clay amphoras.

We encourage the wine to go through natural malolactic fermentation, so the finished wine is stable with no sulfites added. The result is a more “old world” style with a creamy acidity and a slight butteriness, rather than a hard acid line of “new world” sulfited whites. The wine is bottled without fining, cold stabilisation or filtration to “polish it”.

This is natural wine. There is a chance that it will have sediment from lees, tartrates or proteins that settle to the bottom of the bottle. Treat it like a cloudy beer and roll the bottle before serving to best enjoy this authentic Chardonnay.

Vintage: 2023
Sulfites: Zero
Alcohol: 13%
Production: 300 doz
Blend: Chardonnay 100%
Yeast: Wild
Maturation: Amphora
Fining: No
Filtration: Coarse


25 reviews for Freedom Chardonnay

  1. Ian and Tessa P.

  2. wilhelmus van zanten

    Good wine very satisfying

  3. Verified Buyer

    Sorry guys but this was NOT a Chardonnay! It was lightly fermented grape juice :/ I had to throw most of it out – not worth the money 🙁

  4. Ian and Tessa

  5. Kat

    Buttery, light and fresh. You can taste the care and natural approach that goes into this Chardonnay.

  6. Jo Carroll

  7. Kylie B.

    Love all the different types of wines rosnay produce

  8. Carolyn L.


  9. Kate W.

    Delicious Chardonnay 😊👌

  10. Annette

  11. Penny Britton

    Always enjoyed Rosnay Chardonnay since a NSW CWA Conference in Cowra when it was a wine of choice.

  12. Susan Byers

  13. miyuu

    A light, flavoursome chardonnay. Nice drinking.

  14. Meagan Boskovski

  15. Suelen M.

  16. Anonymous

  17. Susan Byers

  18. Tim

  19. Kat King

  20. Jocelyn

    Another excellent wine and almost on par with the Mourvedre. Would be getting this wine again as well.

  21. Tony Webster


  23. Natasha

  24. Bev Constable

    Excellent, buttery style

  25. Marjolein

    I thought it was nice. Very light and fresh.

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