Olives 500ml

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Firm, crunchy, and fruity kalamata olives. Grown on Rosnay using certified organic and biodynamic methods, these olives are picked at early to medium maturity before they are black, in order to get firmer, nuttier olives. Immediately after picking they are immersed in water to prevent oxidation or blackening of the fruit, after which the leaves and damaged olives are removed by hand and washed, before being transferred to salt brine containing natural Murray River Salt from the Australian desert. The olives cure through lacto-fermentation over 8 to 18 months before they are again hand graded them to remove all of the over-ripe olives, washed again, and immediately bottled with minimal oxidation, into a brine containing fresh Murray River salt and organic apple cider vinegar.

Serving Suggestion: As they are from the jar, in pasta sauces, casseroles, stews, salads, warmed in the frying pan with olive oil, chunks of garlic and lemon, and chilli.

Ingredients: Kalamata Olives, Murray River salt, certified organic Australian apple cider vinegar, Rosnay olive oil


14 reviews for Olives 500ml

  1. miyuu

    Seriously, these are THE best olives on the market.

  2. WENDY F.

    Ideal to have on hand for guests (or oneself!) and a very well received gift. Excellent product and great flavour.

  3. Alli Garison

  4. Annette

  5. Anonymous



  7. Alana

    Very tasty olives

  8. graham

  9. Tony Webster

  10. MATT I.

    These olives are consistently excellent !

  11. Catherine M.

    Very tasty olives – yum
    Heat them in a pan with olive oil , fresh rosemary & fennel seeds – even tastier

  12. Chevonne Twomey

  13. John & Maree

    Love these olives . I use them often in my kitchen. Also as gifts

  14. Dani Williams

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