Sparkling Rose

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Our sparkling rose is a great example of the versatility of Shiraz. Picked early, when some of the berries are still green, it has loads of natural acidity, and we harvest and press it immediately when it has the perfect tone of pink colour. The secondary fermentation that makes the bubbles takes place in a pressure tank, a method known as Charmat, which is often used to make prosecco. The sweetness is adjusted prior to bottling to make the wine refreshing but not bone-dry and mouth-puckering.

The wine pops with a fine mousse and delicate floral aromas, with blood-orange, watermelon, strawberry and rosewater notes on a fairly dry palate make this a refreshing aperatif.

Vintage: 2019

Sulfites: 15ppm Free
Total sugar: 7g/L
Total acidity: 7g/L
Alcohol: 12%
Blend: Shiraz (100%)


23 reviews for Sparkling Rose

  1. George K.

    Nice fruity rose …enjoying it … thank you

  2. Irena B.

    One of the best of sparkling wine. Fast delivery too

  3. Irena B.

    light, crispy, tasty and organic

  4. Noeleen M.

    Perfect for summer or anytime of the year.

  5. Megan Ellen

  6. Susan Byers

    Very pleasant.

  7. Mark McConnell

  8. Linda Logan

  9. WENDY F.

    The perfect sparkling for Christmas festivities! (And any other time as well.)

  10. Irena

    fast delivery, good price and perfect taste!

  11. Alli Garison

  12. Meagan Boskovski

  13. Anonymous

  14. Suzanna H.

    Fast efficient online ordering & delivery. Love this pink sparkling!

  15. Trudi R.

  16. Irena B.

    One of the best sparkling organic drink I tasted!

  17. Kat King

  18. Tony Chappel

  19. John G.

  20. Irena B.

    Tasty and light and fast delivery

  21. David Taylor

    Saved for a delayed Xmas celebration…..thanks to corona virus quarantine. Beautiful start to the dinner festivities should have got 2

  22. Sylvia

    My favourite Rosnay wine. Light and refreshing. Prefer it in the large bottle rather than the smaller available…

  23. Brett

    Love it – not too sweet – just right. Great bubbles 🙂

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