Spiced Fig Preserve – 212ml

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Years and trial and error, perfect ripe figs, hand slicing of the fruit and slow cooking with organic raw sugar, Rosnay wine, organic cinnamon and clove, and a dash lemon juice, results in the rich, dense preserve that is Rosnay Fig Preserve.

Dollop it onto buttered sourdough, or onto blue cheese. Put it on a grazing platter. Mix into natural yoghurt, ice cream or gelato, or try adding it to tarts, cakes and cookies as a natural sweetener. Wrap it inside some prosciutto and melt goats cheese over it. Smear it on ribs. Its so easy and versatile.

Rosnay figs, raw sugar, AC vinegar, lemon juice, port, cinnamon, clove.


8 reviews for Spiced Fig Preserve – 212ml

  1. Megan Ellen

  2. Susan Byers

  3. Alli Garison



  5. Beatrice Ludwig

  6. Anonymous

  7. Annette

    I acquired a jar of this delectable fig jam, it’s a winner. If you like fig jam you won’t settle for anything else. Oh and have you tried their wines, if not it’s a must.

    • Sam Statham


  8. Roger

    Simply a beautiful natural product on cheese. No biscuits. And I am not really a fig lover.

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