Rosnay Organic Olive Oil – 4 Litre

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Product Description
Delicate, fruity olive oil with a touch of pepper on the back palate. Wholly grown on the Rosnay farm, using certified organic and biodynamic practices such as compost, mulch, grazing (mainly by kangaroos), and mowing, the olives are picked and cold-pressed within 24 hours, then the oil is gently settled and not filtered prior to bottling, to give it the rishest possible olive flavour and greatest health properties. The blend varies year by year but always contains primarily Corregiola oil with a smaller amount of Kalamata and Mediterranean olive oil.
Serving Suggestion
Salads, roast vege drizzle, pasta drizzle, mayonnaise, dipping
Olive Oil
Nutritional Data Per 100ml
Energy: 3700kJ, Protein 0g; Total fat 100g; Saturated fat 14g; Carbohydrates 0g; Sugars 0g; Sodium 0g
100% grown at Rosnay

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2 reviews for Rosnay Organic Olive Oil – 4 Litre

  1. John Eastment

  2. Dani Williams

    The best olive oil !

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