Olive Oil – 4 Litre

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The 2021 Early Release, cloudy oil is blended and bottled within a week of pressing, resulting in a delicious, aromatic, peppery, and fruity oil.
The oil is cloudy, as it has not been settled prior to bottling. The cloudy material will settle to the bottom of the bottle over time and in the mean time you will find that the oil smokes at low temperature, so it is best used for dipping, salads and drizzling.
Store in a dark, cool location and use within 3 months.

Harvest date: May-June 2021
Varieties: Corregiola, Kalamata, Mediterranean


13 reviews for Olive Oil – 4 Litre

  1. Deb

    such a fabulous crew to deal with

  2. Sue Eastment

    This wonderful olive oil is fruity, peppery and even a slightly grassy nose. It has been our favourite for many years and now our friends are also enjoying this great product.

  3. Michelle

  4. Suelen M.

  5. Anonymous

    We love our Rosny olive oil. We have been ordering for the last 10 years!

  6. graham

  7. Anonymous

    The best.

  8. Tony Chappel

    Great product

  9. Lucy McGrath

    Just watching Four Corners, ABC. Fraud in the food industry including imported olive oil.
    Added industrial lubricants & canola oil.
    So lucky we have our Australian organic Rosnay.

  10. Beatrice Ludwig

  11. Catherine M.

    Best Olive ever.
    The only one I use – just love it

  12. John Eastment

  13. Dani Williams

    The best olive oil !

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