Freedom Rose

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The 2021 Freedom Rose is made from shiraz vines which have been grown organically and biodynamically since they were planted. We have made Rose, made from red grapes but pressed quickly for a vibrant salmon colour, without sulfites since 2014.

The grapes are early harvested when still a bit green, and gently pressed to maximise their natural acidity and flavours. They are then gently pressed in a small air-bag press, and traditionally cold settled, racked, and fermented slowly at low temperature (15-17degrees C) using commercial yeast guaranteed not to produce any sulfites.

Unlike most Australian, sulfited rose, we allow the wine to go through malolactic fermentation, because its a natural fermentation that may occur in the bottle if no sulfites are added. The result is a more “old world” style with a creamy acidity, rosehip notes and a long nutty finish, rather than a hard acid line of “new world” rose.

This is a wine to consume when its young, as it will develop and age faster than most rose. So keep it cool and ready, and once opened, finish it within a day or two at most.

Vintage: 2021
Sulfites: Zero
Alcohol: 11.8%
Vintage: 2021
Production: 300 doz
Bottled: June 2021
Blend: Shiraz 100%
Sulfites: Zero
Yeast: sulfite-free commercial
Maturation: Matured in tank
Fining: Yes (bentonite)
Filtration: Yes
Label art: Florence Statham
Winemaker: Sam Statham

3 reviews for Freedom Rose

  1. Coral Wynter

    Can you do a white wine, which is actually my preference ?But I understand it might be difficult with the environment and lack of water out at Canowindra.

  2. Natasha

  3. Coral Wynter

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