Olive Paste

Olive Paste


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Product Description

The ripest, richest olives which are separated from the bottling olives are made into an olive paste using a brush finisher which gently brushes the flesh from the seed and skin. It is then warmed up with a touch of rosemary, thyme and chilli, and then bottled without preservatives.

Tasting Notes

Rich Kalamata olive fruit, aromas of rosemary and thyme and a slight chilli zing to extend the palate. 


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Matching Foods

Cheese on toast, sandwiches, pizza, bruschetta, tapas, mashed potato, roast vegetables



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    This paste is just the best!! We use it instead of tomato paste on pizzas. Great on crackers (add a topping of butter fried mushrooms for a different delicious taste sensation). Can’t live without it. Great for those with food sensitivities.

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    Welcome to olive heaven!! If you like your kalamatas, I guarantee you will fall head over heels for this beautiful paste!! I first tasted a sample at the Northey Street Markets in Brisbane, I literally need to go every week to top up!! Salty, yet refreshing as it’s served cold – a great replacement for caviar at any dinner party – highly recommended!

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      Thanks so much for the kind words Jessicah! We look forward to showing you the farm one day!
      Cheers, Sam

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    This is just the best product. I put on a water cracker. No cheese. Silky smooth and runs off the knife. Must be good for you.

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