Olive Paste – 212ml

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During the final grading of the Kalamata Olives, anything not quite up to standard is diverted to a brush finisher, which is a food processors which brushes the flesh of the olives away from the seeds and skins. The resulting fine olive paste is then gently simmered and hot-bottled with the addition of Rosemary, Thyme, and a touch of Chilli. If you have bought this before in the 190ml jar, note that the is now in a slightly larger 212ml jar.

Great with crusty bread with tomato and basil, sandwiches and dips. Try a dollop in the saucepan with a splash of cream and red wine to make a delicious sauce for roasted vegetables or bbq foods.

Ingredients: Rosnay Kalamata Olives, Murray River salt, certified organic Rosemary, Thyme and Chilli

17 reviews for Olive Paste – 212ml

  1. peter

  2. Shirley Everett

    Yet to open but expecting it to be delicious, too.

  3. Colleen W.

    The perfect accompaniment!

  4. Noeleen M.

    Delicious accompaniment to your cheese platter or use as a base to your pizza.

  5. Alli Garison

    All products are wonderful and I am grateful to be able to gift them to loved ones for Christmas. Thank you and Have a lovely Christmas and may 2022 be extraordinary for you.

  6. Leanne R.


  7. Sherryl Browne

    Yum! Just Yum!

  8. Anonymous

    Way too oily and too salty – sorry



  10. Alana

  11. Deborah

    Fabulous quality products and the best service

  12. Beatrice Ludwig

    Very nice!

  13. Natasha

  14. Dani Williams

  15. Marion

    This paste is just the best!! We use it instead of tomato paste on pizzas. Great on crackers (add a topping of butter fried mushrooms for a different delicious taste sensation). Can’t live without it. Great for those with food sensitivities.

  16. Jessicah

    Welcome to olive heaven!! If you like your kalamatas, I guarantee you will fall head over heels for this beautiful paste!! I first tasted a sample at the Northey Street Markets in Brisbane, I literally need to go every week to top up!! Salty, yet refreshing as it’s served cold – a great replacement for caviar at any dinner party – highly recommended!

    • Sam at Rosnay

      Thanks so much for the kind words Jessicah! We look forward to showing you the farm one day!
      Cheers, Sam

  17. Roger

    This is just the best product. I put on a water cracker. No cheese. Silky smooth and runs off the knife. Must be good for you.

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