Freedom Shiraz

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Shiraz is the main grape variety grown at Rosnay and the 24-year-old vines have weathered several droughts and floods. The 2021 vintage, following a lot of rain, was less ripe and intense than 2020, with the resulting wine more brisk, lean and forward than 2020, but full of the typical pepper, spice and dark fruits that we love in Shiraz.

The was fermented on skins for 6-8 days at 22 degrees C using traditional open top fermenters, hand punch-down and pump-over, and a yeast strain guaranteed not to produce sulfites. After malolactic fermentation the wine was matured briefly in oak barrels and steel tanks prior to hand-bottling without fining, and with a light filtration.

As a 100% shiraz, aged for only 2 months in a mix of steel tank and old oak barrels, this wine is “Joven” or young in style, and benefits from a bit of air before drinking, to help integrate its brusk aromas, flavours and tannins.

Vintage: 2021
Sulfites: Zero
Alcohol: 12.7%
Vintage: 2021
Production: 450 doz
Bottled: June 2021
Blend: Shiraz 100%
Sulfites: Zero
Yeast: sulfite-free commercial
Maturation: Matured in old barrel and tank
Fining: No
Filtration: Light
Label art: Florence Statham
Winemaker: Sam Statham

13 reviews for Freedom Shiraz

  1. Emma

    Loved it. Definitely a new favourite!

  2. Susan Byers

  3. Linda Logan

  4. Frances Haley

  5. Susan Byers

  6. Tim

  7. Linda ben Logan

    Shiraz is my fav , this one is great

  8. Tony Webster

    Very nice. I expect this wine will age quite nicely.

  9. John G.

  10. Anonymous

  11. John O’Donnell

    Great wine. Great service.

  12. Jessica Keys

    A lovely wine. Needed a few minutes to breathe, but we enjoyed it.

  13. Christine

    A friend bought this wine for me. I love red wine, especially shiraz but have always struggled with headaches the next day, due to the preservatives. They always seem to affect my sinuses. I had some of this wine last night. I really enjoyed it. It has a really nice full bodied taste and I had no headache in the morning 🙂

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