Fig Vinegar – 375ml

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Our fig vinegar is unlike any other fruit vinegar. It is made by combining our fig sauce with organic apple cider vinegar sourced from our old friends at Hazeldean organic orchard. The fig sauce is a rich extract of the fruit pulp of fully ripened figs, cooked with a minimal sugar addition (1kg organic raw sugar to 6kg fig pulp), and just a hint of spice (cinnamon and clove), and gently simmered for half a day. This marries beautifully with the fruity zing of the apple cider vinegar, and is carefully blended and hand bottled on our farm.

Splash it around salads, meats, grazing platters, marinades, and anything that could do with a sweet and sour flavour explosion!

In 2021 we upgraded to a more generous 375ml bottle.

Ingredients: Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, organic figs, organic raw sugar, organic wine, cinnamon, clove


5 reviews for Fig Vinegar – 375ml

  1. Linda Logan

  2. WENDY F.

    Well received by the cooks in our family – makes a thoughtful unusual gift and tasty when added to salads.



  4. Linda ben Logan

    Love this , right into different sorts of vinegars snd this is GOOD

  5. Beatrice Ludwig

    A little sprinkle in the salad dressing takes it to another level…

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