Spiced Fig Syrup – 250ml

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The spiced fig syrup is the syrup we use to make the glace figs. To make the glace figs, figs are gently poached in a spiced syrup containing certified organic raw sugar, organic wine, organic apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, clove and lemon. After soaking in the syrup for several weeks, the poached figs are drained off and gently dried in a dehydrator to a perfect, prune-like dryness, and packed in eco friendly pouches. The dyrup that is left behind is what we call Fig Syrup.

Drizzle this over fruit salad, ice cream, or natural yoghurt. Add to whipped cream and meringues. Make into “Fig Fizz” by mixing with soda water, lemon juice and a sprig of mint.

Ingredients: Raw sugar, figs, wine, lemon juice, AC vinegar, cinnamon, clove.

3 reviews for Spiced Fig Syrup – 250ml

  1. Beatrice Ludwig

    Delicious! 🙂 The Rosnay Organic Spiced Fig Syrup has become a staple for our desserts. Thank you for the figs in syrup, too. OMG, they were heavenly! New order coming soon.

  2. Rebecca Lee

    Just finished a bottle and can’t wait to order when it’s back in stock. Sweet, sticky, syrupy goodness!



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