Vino Cotto 250ml

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In 2023 we produced our first Vino Cotto or grape molasses. Inspired by ancient Italian peasant traditions, we left a few rows of our shiraz grapes to wither and dry on the vine for many weeks after the wine vintage, then crushed and reduced the must over 4 days to one third of its original volume. The reduction was was done slowly in a steam jacketed kettle with constant stirring, at a mximum of 65 degrees celcius, using 100% solar power. The resulting rich nectar was then settled for a few months before reheating and bottling without any additives or filtration. This is an authentic vino cotto which contains no preservatives, vinegar or added sugars and is made from 100% premium wine grapes.

Add to dressings, drizzle over warm stone-fruit tarts or use to macerate strawberries. Substitute balsamic vinegar.

There are more tips on using Vino Cotto on Delicious and SBS.


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