Fig Sauce – 375ml

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Made from the puree of the figs and a smaller addition of sugar plus a good dose of lemon juice to give it some balance

Ingredients: Organic figs, organic raw sugar, organic wine, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, clove


6 reviews for Fig Sauce – 375ml

  1. Shirley Everett

    Yet to open but seems as though it will be an equal 5 to the Figs in Syrup

  2. Maria del Pilar Chlopas

    Fantastic product not heavy it’s just what you need 👌 ✨️

  3. miyuu

    Delicious sauce which is great on ice cream, waffles and pancakes, yum!

  4. WENDY F.

    Delicious and makes a wonderful gift.

  5. Leanne R.


  6. Leanne Ryan

    This product is DEVINE! My lovely neighbour was gifted a bottle of fig sauce and a jar of spiced figs in syrup and was so delighted with them she encouraged all her visiting friends and neighbours to taste. Her pleasure was serving the spiced figs with a cheese platter and the fig sauce with yoghurt on top of …….. everything! We are now in the process of an order for the whole street ! LOL Thank you for purely delicious products 🙂

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