Florence’s Olive Snails with Puff Pastry

Very easy and moorish… Ideal for parties

Puff pastry
Olive paste
Organic capers

Thaw the frozen sheet of puff pastry and cut it in half
Spread a layer of olive paste onto it, just as you would on a sandwich
Sprinkle caper berries over it (plus anything else you like, eg chopped pickled halapenos!)
Roll it up into a long log
Repeat a few times and put them into the freezer for an hour (optional, it just helps to cut them nicely)
Preheat the over very hot (>220deg)
Remomve the logs from the freezer and brush a little milk on top/outside of them
Slice the logs 1mm thick
Lay them on an oiled baking tray
Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top of each slice
Cook for 10-15 minutes
Optional – allow to dry but not overcook for 15 minutes in a cool oven (50deg-75deg)

4 thoughts on “Florence’s Olive Snails with Puff Pastry”

  1. Sam Presentation is everything, lots of color when garnishing and also make the item look like it grew on that spot. Cheers !! thanks for the invite, as to you and your family.

  2. That was quick ! I really did not know what would happen if I sent this letter. glad you liked the letter Sam, Photo ? Hmm we had little time to do this because we were on a time line and could not fool around too much, but if my partner took a picture at the event then sure I will give you one. thanks for the reply and will get to you some more recipes, this internet , I tell ya , talking to people so far away, yet seams you are right there. crazy.  Michael

  3. Wow Michael that sounds Amazing! I would love to see a photo of it so I can imagine and visualise the recipe you gave. Certainly a mouthwatering comment to read an hour before lunch! If we ever go to Montreal, we’ll have to drop in an try one – likewise if you are ever in Oz, look us
    up! Cheers, Sam

  4. Very nice, Rosnay, recipe, I was looking for a image of some thing like this but with escargo also inside the middle of the swirl so to give the impression of a snail in it’s shell. I work in catering, just out side of Montreal and so I brased snails in white wine, butter, thyme, white onion, bay leaf frying pan for 15 minites low heat, then mixed only the liquid with a nice garlic butter from the nght before, let it cool together in the fridge, fryed spanch with butter and nutmeg, let cool, chopped into small pieces, mixed with garlic butter wine mixture. so in the end you have a really nice buttery spread that goes on the puff pastry ribbon, with the snail at the beginning of the pastry, roll one and a half times on the ribbion of pastry, cut from ribbon, then using the same riddon roll another one, I got three per ribbon of pastry. egg wash the out side and sprinkle savory shredded cheese on top. they looked really good when they came out of the oven and smell !!!!!!! fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!! next time I hope I will have time to experiment and make some thing really cool.
    Luv Ya
     Michael Chave

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