Florence’s Olive Snails with Puff Pastry

Very easy and moorish… Ideal for parties Puff pastryOlive pasteOrganic capersMilkParmesan Thaw the frozen sheet of puff pastry and cut it in halfSpread a layer of olive paste onto it, just as you would on a sandwichSprinkle caper berries over it (plus anything else you like, eg chopped pickled halapenos!)Roll it up into a long … Read more

Florence’s delicious organic chicken stuffing with olive paste

By Florence Statham Ingredients: 100g breadcrumbs2 cloves1 lemon juice and rind1 egg lightly beaten1 teaspoon dijon mustard2 tablespoons olive paste1 bunch fresh parselyBlack pepperSalt not needed Mix all in a bowl with hands, make a ball and stuff into chicken before roasting normally. We put some Rosnay olive oil and black pepper on top of … Read more

Let those creative kitchen juices simmer!

Ever wondered what creative things you can do with our olives or olive paste? Well finally here are some of Florence’s recipes. Tell us what you think – or share your own creativity in the comments! Rosnay BBQ SauceServes 3-41 glass Rosnay red wine2 tbsp cream1 tbsp Rosnay olive paste Pour a glass of wine … Read more

Olives… The year that was

Olive harvest was in mid May. We harvested about 9 tonnes of oil olives, over half of which was contracted and leaving us with only about 600 litres of olive oil. We had a tough season, but we are not the only ones. The crop in many parts of Australia is said (by our harvest … Read more

Soup of the earth

Simplicity, balance, fullness and earthiness are some words that come to mind, when enjoying and digesting a bowl of Judith Kennedy‚Äôs cauliflower soup with truffle oil.First make the stock – Roast, onion, leek, potato, Carrot, celery and any other favourite roasting vegetables in Rosnay Olive Oil for 30 minutes in a hot oven. Remove the … Read more

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