Vin de Garage “Pétillant Naturel” Rose

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We made this ultra simple wine using the “Methode Ancestrale” that pre-dates the Champagne method. Early picked 2022 vintage Shiraz grapes were crushed and fermented using only the wild yeast that was on the grapes and indigenous to the winery. No fining agents or nutrients were added. Towards the end of the fermentation we bottled, to capture the final bubbles. The bottle was then riddled (to get the sediment to the top of the bottle), disgorged (opened and then resealed to remove the sediment), labeled and packed, all by hand. The label art is by our daughter, Georgie.

Peachy pink in colour, this natural wine opens with a lovely frothy pop and a slight burnt match aroma, then hits the lips with crisp and refreshing dryness. The flavour is a summer fruit salad of strawberry and peach finishing with a savoury, complex back palate.


5 reviews for Vin de Garage “Pétillant Naturel” Rose

  1. Judith De Groot

    Also a favourite

  2. Glyn and Karen

    As those who love a good Rosé, this “PN” certainly didn’t disappoint. Will be back for more!

  3. Nik

    the team really liked this fizzy one

  4. Meagan Boskovski

  5. jennifer

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