Organic Kalamata Olives

Using natural Murray River Salt for the brine, the fruit pickles (ferments) over six to eight months before hand grading them to remove all of the over-ripe olives, with minimal oxidation and without separating the green olives, hence the natural mix of dark and light olives in each jar. They are bottled with 8% Murray River salt and gluten free vinegar, with a layer of Rosnay olive oil on top.

Organic Olive Paste

The ripest, richest olives which are separated from the bottling olives are made into an olive paste using a brush finisher which gently brushes the flesh from the seed and skin. It is then warmed up and mixed with a touch of rosemary, thyme and chilli, and then bottled without preservatives. Use it with cheese on toast, sandwiches, pizza, bruschetta, tapas, mashed potato, or as the base for a red wine and cream sauce for roasted veges.
“Smear it on. 9.2/10” Max Crus, Clarence Life

Organic Olive Oil

Delicious cold pressed oil made from a blend of our Corregiola and Mediterranean olives, 100% grown at Rosnay and pressed locally.