Garage Wine

“Garagistes” are the people who join us in our most fun work – making and enjoying small batch, experimental wine making. The first Rosnay “Garage” wine was inspired by Sam’s cousin in France who produced great wine in his garage. Returning from France, Sam decided he would have to have a go, and began in 2014 with the Garage Number 1 Cabernet Sauvignon with a mate who retails wine in Brisbane. In 2015 a straight “Joven” style shiraz was made with the son of a local winemaker. In 2016 Sam was joined by a Japanese film crew to make a late harvest Shiraz, and in 2017 he’s been having great fun with some Sydney musicians who love natural wine, making Vermentino in amphora on skins and pressed in barrel ferment.

If you would like to get involved in the Garage Wine project get in touch with us. We are learning as we go on how we can cooperate with our partners in it, but two things for sure – you’ll have fun, and you’ll take home some unique wine made by your own hands!