Welcome to 2013 and check out our new website

Finally we have done it, in between all the other jobs of running a vineyard and orchard!

Our website is now upgraded.

We have migrated all the content to a wordpress platform with the main change being that we now have a Store Locator which uses google maps.

You can now find the nearest stockist to you, and search either by all products or just for a certain product that you are after. We hope this will make buying Rosnay organic wines, olives and figs that much easier for you. Whilst we welcome direct orders, we also believe that buying through our independent, locally owned retailers helps to keep our communities alive in the face of supermarket domination of our food.

We hope you enjoy the site and that you will feel free to make a new comment or join a conversation, sign up to our newsletter or follow us on facebook or twitter.

Organically yours,
Richard, Florence, Sam and Oli Statham

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