Celebrate Life with our Bubbly Beauties

Life is too short to drink bad wine, but its also too short to drink wine that gives you a hangover. We have just released our fourth vintage of our “hangover free” Bubbly Beauties, the 2010 Vintage Chardonnay.
Just like the 2009 VC, its made not only with organic and biodynamic grapes, but the “dosage” that creates the fine bead of dissolved CO2 is also made using certified organic, raw sugar.
We are convinced that making sparkling wine with chemical-free organic grapes, mineral rich organic raw sugar, no added tartaric acid, and only the absolutely minimal sulfur permitted for organic wine, is the way to avoid hangovers. Of course, enjoy in moderation. 
The 2010 VC palate is elegant and refined, as a “blanc de blanc” tends to be without the bolstering effect of Pinot Noir. For those seeking a more robust palate with layers of strawberry and spice, try the 2009 Sparkling Rose, made from Shiraz (80%) and Mourverdre (20%).
The Rosnay Bubbly Beauties are now on promotion in your local stockist and are the ideal bubble for Melbourne Cup Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, New Years, and any other excuse you can think of to enjoy the “Now” of life to its fullest.
[PS – unfortunately you cant call our bubbly beauties “Champagne”, but if you’re looking for “vin petillant de qualite superieur” then Rosnay bubbles should fit the bill]

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  1. I offered the bubbly Rose earlier this year to my guests (and me of course) of my 50-iest…such a great evening..lots of talking and drinking and more drinking…and no hangover at all!!! this is me a Master of Migraine triggered by Australian wine…! About time to stock up my cellar…or underfloor-access…can’t think of anything better! Prost… Franziska

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