Canowindra Community Garden – Looking Nice and Curvy

Lets not stop with a curvy main street. The brand new Canowindra Community Garden, to be launched by no less than Costa himself next week, is looking awesome following the working bee, or better, “bendy backyard blitz”, of last weekend. Looking forward to Julia’s blog post on this soon, but for now, here’s just a piccie I took from the shady “contemplation corner”, with the lovely Simone Statham and young Floyd in the sling! In brief, we put in a curvy fence (or better, “wavelike”, made from old Rosnay vineyard posts), marked out a curvy path (designed by Chris and incorporating the Fibonacci spiral), dug out the “husband killer” oleander shrubs, rotary hoed in the couch grass with compost from Canowindra Produce (vegetarian compost from straw but it smelt like poo!), put on dolomite and lime courtesy of Wooly and Margie, installed Owen and Mark’s awesome steel archway gate, thanked the “Big Fella” for the free BBQ lunches that appeared in the shade of the church, washed it down with lashings of Hamilton’s Bluff Sangiovese sangria, watered the compost, sprayed biodynamic 500, hung out with the kids, talked to passing wide-eyed locals, mulched with lucerne hay from Mark Ward (and others), and viola! Ready for Costa to do his magic next Thursday!
A big thanks of course to the Canowindra Uniting Church for letting it all happen in their yard, and of course, Chris for coordinating it.

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