Why enter the little wine shows, and not the big ones?

The wine taster’s last and hardest question: “I also see your awards from organic wine shows. Have your wines competed at an open show with non organic wines?”
To which:”Yes, we have gone into open shows, from the Cowra region where we won best red in the region in 2002, and best shiraz in 2003, to winning silvers and bronzes in national shows and the same in international shows. But we dont really like the the big shows as the results are very inconsistent, as everyone in the industry knows. Our customers come back for our wines on the basis of simply liking them themselves, not on the opinions of judges and wine writers. The two shows where we enter the full range of our wines are the Cowra National Wine Show and the Australia-New Zealand Organic Wine Show. Both shows help to showcase the unique character of our region and the diversity of organic wine now being grown. “

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