The old sulfur question

Question: “I have received as a gift your 05 Shiraz and 05 Cabernet S. Mildly interested I have read through your website and still wonder… what is the actual measured sulfur levels in these wines , free and bound.”
Answer: “The tasting notes on do give these, but in short, the levels are below 50ppm total while the limit for organic wines is 125ppm and mainstream is 250ppm. Free sulfur is also low though it is more important from a winemakers point of view. Its true that more people are getting allergic to things these days but is sulfur a symptom of this, not a cause? Sulfur is widely occurring in nature.
We see good quality low sulfur organically grown wines as a good compromise for the consumer who is drinking organic for reasons of environment and health (higher anti-oxidants) rather than for avoiding allergens. We are on the lookout for a herbal alternative which is better than sulfur in wine, but also believe researchers should investigate other known possible causes of increasing allergenicity, such as long term exposure to chemicals and GM foods. “

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