The Garage Wine Project

The garage wine project is about experimenting and learning with small handmade batches of wine and unusual winemaking techniques, such as the ceramic egg. It would not be possible without the generous help of friends, family and woofers – so all who have been involved – thank you!

As the beginning of the project coincides with our discovery of Instagram, we are going to use our photos to tell it!


100% organically grown Cabernet Sauvignon, hand picked at 13.3 baume by family and woofers on 10 march 2014, and chilled before crushing for an extended cold soaking and plunging before open fermentation took place. After basket pressing, secondary fermentation took place very slowly in the ceramic “egg” and in an old oak barrel.

“Aromas are black currant, Hubba Bubba bubble gum, pulp and black currant leaf. The palate typical varietal cabernet with black currant fruits and the under currant of celery, leafy dried herbs, are wed to the black fruits with varietal fine grained drying ripe tannins. Fresh medium bodied and interesting. Sam’s first wine is a hit. 89/100”
Rob Geddes MW, Author of Australian Wine Vintages.



Primary ferment in the egg this time, and warm fermented. No malo. Resulting wine is aromatic and floral, full bodied, juicy, and “home Italian” in style with 15.5% alcolhol.

The colourful labels by my daughters Molly (left, 2015 Shiraz), and Georgie (right, 2014 Cabernet). First public showing at Whats in my Glass wine show, July 2015.

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