RTD’s OUT! Organic Sangria IN!

The recent increase on taxes on “alco pops” to reduce alcohol related harm is long overdue. Some might think it unwise to comment on this, lest wine be the next target of the federal treasury. However, I think there is more to it than tax collection. From my own experience, spirits in soft drinks give me a filthy hangover, and thats assuming the drinks actually decide to stay in my stomach, probably re-fermenting. Maybe I am soft gutted, but I know that I can consume an equal volume of organic wine and wake up feeling fine, assuming I get enough hours sleep and drink some water before bed. The benefit of using taxes to divert drinkers away from “alco-pops” towards all-natural fermented beverages such as beer and wine is a reduction in health issues.
But is there an alternative to “alco-pops” for people looking for alcoholic refreshment that is less throng than wine, and is not beer?

Organic Sangria IN!
Organic Sangria is a great way to celebrate and refresh. Its so simple to make I wonder why I took so long to find it. First, chop lots of organic fruit, such as juicing apples or in-season stone fruit, some citrus, and even bananas, manoges or other tropical fruit. Work on at least 20% to the volume of sangria being made. Put the fruit in a bucket and cover with red wine overnight, or as long as possible. When the party is about to start, make the mix as follows:
50% dry red wine, not too big and “Barossa”, but not too soft and fines either.
25% organic orange juice. Buy a full carton from a wholesaler and you wont regret the leftover juice in your cupboard.
25% soda water – just for the bubbles
Organic raw sugar to taste – dissolve in some hot water if necessary
Throw the fruit in and some ice, turn up the salsa music and serve.
Make sure people eat their fruit before they can have a refill!

I would be VERY interested in knowing your experiences with Sangria, and I hope that the kids of today will discover this healthy alternative to alco-pops.

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