Rosnay goes solar

In the last month we have installed 48 x 60watt solar panels on Sam and Simone’s house, Richard and Florence’s house, and Dolly’s house. In total we are now putting nearly 3kilowatts back into the grid, per hour of sunlight. Thats the equivalent of three small generators! We beleive this will cover almost all of our power usage, except perhaps our cellardoor coolroom, until we upgrade it.
Well you may say thats not really bloggable, and its true, this is not big news these days. However, I wanted to congratulate the team who organised not only our 3 homes, but a total of 68 homes in one huge bulk purchase. The organisers are “Cowra Low Emissions Action Network”, in particular Charlie Coulson-Knight. The panels were supplied by Solar Shop Australia. We found their installation quality and friendly service to be excellent. Through bulk purchasing the cost of the installation was reduced substantially, and those who could access the federal government solar grant paid as little as $1900 for a 960watt system.
CLEAN are now looking to do it again, aiming for 40 more homes to convert to solar. So if you’d like to get involved, jump in now! Or, if you would like to emulate this in your own community,get in touch with CLEAN and Solar Shop.
You can see a recent news program on the project here.

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