Newsletter Vintage 2008

This years vintage was tough, coming after a very pleasant summer, with good November rains helping the vines to put on healthy canopies. In January things got tough with rain followed by heatwave, followed by more rain and extended cloudy weather. The vine canopies suffered and fungal pressure wa s high. By March the Hunter region had lost 80% of their fruit by some accounts, whilst at Rosnay we were able to nurture almost all of the grapes to a full flavoured and mildew-free harvest using the biodynamic preparation 501. The wines in tank taste excellent.

Re the olives, our customers will be pleased to know that we have had a better year, with plenty of sound fruit now pickling for bottling in November, and oil settling for bottling in October. Its great to see them bubbling away as they pickle, as we hate to run out on you!

On a running comparison with this time last year, we are ahead in July, but only just. The weather pattern this winter is again unusual, and while we dream of the old patterns of a decade ago we are making do with what we’ve got. Irrigation has been a fact of life for the last 8 years and we have installed a large magnet on our mainline to “soften” the water , to reduce salinity and calcification of the drippers. We are currently spreading about 750 m3 of mulch under the vines as well, to conserve water.

All of the current release Rosnay wines have been picking up medals in shows over the last year. Most recently, for the fourth year running, Rosnay was among the most consistent entrants in the Australia-New Zealand Organic Wine Show, picking up medals for the 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2005 Semillon, 2005 Shiraz and 2005 Triple Blend.

This month, we are bottling three new wines, the 2008 Vintage (sparkling) Chardonnay, the 2008 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, and the 2008 Mourverdre Rose. The trade launch of these wines will be held at Restaurant 08, Royal Hall of Industries, Monday 11th August at 11.30am, when Sam Statham is talking on Biodynamic wine. The public launch will be on Sunday 17th August, at the “Live Green” festival in Victoria Park, Chippendal e. Join us there for a free glass of bubbly at around 4.30pm!

Our program of biodynamics, started in 1997, continues to improve. We have finally developed our biodynamic spraying system to the point where it does not need to be modified any more! Its never been easier to get the biodynamic preparations out, from 500 and 501 to the rest of the preparations as a biodynamic fish emulsion. We are sure that both our soil and our wines have improved as a result of over ten years of biodynamics.

Sam and Simone Statham celebrated the birth of their second daughter, Georgia, in June. Richard and Florence are enjoying being grandparents of two beautiful little girls, as is Dolly, who now has four great-granddaughters. The new generation at Rosnay has added a new dimension to all of our lives.

Cowra is increasingly being recognised as a region producing great value for money, with Cowra Chardonnay continuing to lead the way. At last weeks Cowra Wine Show, f the thsouands of wines entered, it was a Cowra Chardonnay that took the best Chardonnay trophy (Spring Ridge 207 Chardonnay). Cowra also has some of the best environmental management in Australia, with four certified orgnaic growers and a new environmental plan for the region with support of the Cowra Shire Council and the Lachlan Catchment Management Authority.

If you want to get to know this new region better, the Carrington Hotel in Katoomba is putting on a six course degustation dinner on Saturday 6 September… with a food and wine fair over the weekend. Later, on Saturday September 27, Bob and Marg Craven are hosting a nine course dinner showcasing Cowra/Canowindra wines at “Taste Canowindra”. See our website calendar for info.

Fo r those of you unfamiliar with our setup here, Rosnay is a founder and member of Rivers Road Organic Farms, a community title with seven owners and twelve certified organic farm blocks. There are now two 10 hectare bare blocks on the market, with secure water and good soil, within a group of like minded people.

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