Newsletter 2003

VintageDear friends,

Uplifting music and inspiring wine
You and your friends or family are personally invited to experience ‘Mostly Mozart in Concert’, an Anglican parish fund raiser presented by Rosnay Wines in Canowindra on Saturday April 26 during Marti’s Canowindra Balloon Fiesta. Phone or email Rosnay to book seats at $20 each. Tell me more

Top crop despite the drought
Fortunately drought didn’t have too much negative impact on the vines. The dry season meant that we had less weeds, less disease, and more control over the development of the fruit. Only now, with the rains of the last month, have we had a big flush of weeds. The fruit was picked at optimum maturity.

We meet the demand for organic wines
Research shows that the organic market is growing at around 25% every year. So as more and more people discover the benefits of organically grown and produced wines the pressure is on to make Rosnay available in more outlets.

Rosnay Organic Olives on the Way
We have one thousand 4 year old Kalamata Olive Trees on Block 4 that, following a massive flowering in October, will be ready to yield several hundred kilograms shortly.

Organic wines have more of the wonder health compound ‘Resverotrol’
Resverotrol, a compound in red grapes, has been shown to be beneficial to health by lowering cholesterol and preventing cell oxidation, an important process in the prevention of cancer. Organically grown grapes have much more resverertrol than conventionally grown grapes.

And without forgetting Mum!
Before finishing, I’d like to say how lucky we are to have Florence’s great cooking which is always an adventure for all of us. Those who have stayed with Florence, Richard and their 3 boys will have experienced Flo’s exotic but simple, tasty and seasonal dishes. I have now put “Flo’s Kitchen” on the website – have a look!

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