Freedom at Last! Organic And Preservative Free Wine

At last, its here.

After many years of hesitation, we have bitten the bullet and produced an organic AND preservative free red wine.

This is what the back label says:

Mourvèdre is a late ripening Spanish red wine grape widely grown in the south of France. It is resistant to drought and disease, and makes a soft and rustic wine, ideal with earthy flavours of root vegetables, mushrooms, grilled meats, game and duck. This wine is grown chemical-free and vinified without added preservatives. Enjoy now.

The original label painting by Florence Statham is of the  Ibis who are wonderful and  frequent visitors to Rosnay.

There is of course more to the story. We chose to use Mourvedre rather than Shiraz, Cabernet or Merlot because it makes such a nice, easy drinking wine, and it has been a component (albeit, a small component) of our Rose wines for many years, giving them a delicous earthy and brambly complexity. It is also the cleanest fruit, picked on 13 April (a “fruit” day) after a dry month of March.

Using Mourvedre, we are also celebrating the freedom to be different, which this certainly is – no doubt it is one of a kind in Australia. And also, it connects with our french roots, not only with the variety that is mainly grown in France, but with Florence’s painting of the flight of the Ibis – echo of Florence’s emigration to Australia.

According to the winemaker, Chris Derrez of Madrez Wine Services, its a very good wine, and now that  malolactic ferment has finished the wine is bright and the fruit characters are very forward, supported by gentle oak.

We have just added the “Freedom” to our order form and will be expediting it to advance ordering customers as quickly as possible.

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