‘Restless Sleep’ Linda Chant Art Exhibition – September 2023

Start date: September 2, 2023 - End date: September 27, 2023

Linda Chant is interested in painting, art history, found imagery, the opportunities these offer. Her aim is to create a new point of view for the audience to consider.

“disturbing the sleeping imagery of historical artworks sparks limitless choices and reactions”

‘Restless Sleep’ represents Linda’s interest in using the convention of portraiture, to explore fresh points of view. Artworks take mostly from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, although there are exceptions. Reproductions are painted over, subtracting certain elements, which paradoxically reveal new relationships and narratives. These small works on paper, complete artworks themselves, then inform larger paintings.

“this work can activate mystery and ambiguity, two things I welcome”

Following a career in Visual Arts Education, Linda has focused on her own practice. She has taken part in group and solo shows, participated in residencies, and awarded finalist and winner in various competitions.

Opening and artist talk, 2nd September at 6pm.
Instagram: @chant.linda

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