Rosnay Solar Powered Winery and Micro Grid

Rosnay has been a bit old fashioned – making wine for the last 3 vintages using a generator on the back of a 1952 Fordson tractor! But in April 2021, after two years of planning, we disconnected the old tractor and plugged into our new solar powered, battery-supported, peer-to-peer-trade-ready, 3 phase power station!

The story began with a call from Aidan Moore, from Quantum NRG, who knew Rosnay from buying our products for over 10 years. Aidan wanted to help Rosnay, and two other farms whose products he loved, go solar, and acted as pro bono project manager in successfully proposing us in the NSW DPI On-farm energy pilot projects scheme. Our project included the installation of 87 x Sunport SP330M60 Panels (28kw, to add to our existing older 5kw array), 4 x RedFlow ZMCell Zinc Bromide Flow Btteries (total 40kw storage), 2 x Fronius inverters (SYMO 12.5KW 3PH), 3 x Victron MULTIPLUS-II 48/5000/70-50 inverters, with the batteries and inverters and controllers all neatly preconfigured and shipped in a 10′ shipping container, by 720 Electrical. We also plan to start “Peer to Peer” trading of surplus power generated with the other farms in our project, as part of the pilot project and using CarbonTRACK technology.