Garage Wine Number 8


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Low Sulfite
Wild Yeast
Matured in The Egg
Grown, vinified and bottled at “Rosnay”

The aim is to produce a light, aromatic and vibrant red with soft tannins though gentle handling and maturation in The Egg. Selectively hand picked just before the big rains of the 2017 vintage, the grapes were chilled in the cool room before crushing and gentle, slow open fermentation in small half tonne vats with no acidification, no added yeast and twice daily hand submersion of the cap. After 95% of fermentation was complete the wine was pressed off the skins directly into our 675 litre ceramic egg where it matured for 8 months prior to racking and bottling without fining or filtration.

The wine is medium bodied, with ruby colour, fine tannins and smooth structure overlaid with complex fruit flavours of dark berries. Smooth, balanced, natural.

Vintage: 2017

Sulfites: <12ppm Free
Alcohol: 13%
Blend: 75% Shiraz, 25% Mourvedre


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