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Apero Late Harvest Semillon


Rich, golden, late harvest semillon. Niehter a Moscato nor a traditional Dessert wine – somewhere in between, overflowing with marmalade-like rich ctirus and honey flavours. Delicious before dinner as an Aperatif (chilled, on ice or with soda) with cheese, or after dinner.

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Vintage:        2013 (current release)

The Vineyards Block 9 Semillon, comprising 1,600 vines planted on own roots on shallow sandy quartzy clay. A hungry variety which performs best in or following wet years, but struggles during drought. We planted Semillon as it is suited to warmer climates, retails lovely citrussy acidity later than Chardonnay, and blends well with Chardonnay to make better table and sparkling wine. 2013 Vintage Data Blend: Semillon 100% Alcohol: 10% Sulphur dioxide: Minimal Animal proteins: Not added


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