Freedom Red



In 2012, for the first time, Rosnay took the leap of producing a wine without any sulfur dioxide to preserve it. It was made from 100% Mourvèdre, a late ripening Spanish red wine grape widely grown in the south of France. It is resistant to drought and disease, and makes a soft and rustic wine, ideal with earthy flavours of root vegetables, mushrooms, grilled meats, game and duck. In 2013 the Freedom Red was a blend of 75% Shiraz and 25% Mourvedre, and in 2014 the Mourvedre was used to make the Freedom Rose and the Freedom Red was made from 100% Shiraz.

Preservative Free means the wine was made without any preservatives, in particular, sulfur dioxide. Preservative free red wine has a very vibrant colour with tinges of purple when first bottled, reducing slightly as the wine slowly oxidises in the bottle.

The 2014 Freedom Red is was made from 100% Shiraz. The flavours are equally rich and vibrant to previous vintages, with an abundant nose followed by a palate of ripe cherry and black currant. The mouth feel is full and rounded, with some oak contact, and the finish is soft and dry.The wine is not made for ageing. Only a limited amount of this wine is produced each year to ensure that the wine is sold within 12 months of bottling.

The original label painting by Florence Statham is of the Ibis who are wonderful and frequent visitors to Rosnay.